Codependent Relationships: How to Avoid, Heal, and Prevent Them

Codependency has become a dirty word. It casts shame on a person, leaving them with the stigma of being “needy” or “draining” or “burdensome.”

Being codependent, or being in a codependent relationship, does not make anyone a bad person. It’s true that codependency can be dysfunctional, but that doesn’t make the people in the relationship bad.

Yet, if you find yourself being codependent, it can do a lot of harm to your life. It can push wonderful people away, leave you disempowered, and prevent you from finding the happiness and healing you deserve.

This episode is about erasing the shame around codependency, while also empowering you to heal any codependent relationships you find yourself in. So that you can find that happiness and joy.

So if you want to save a loving connection or break free from the pattern for when future love comes around—give it a watch!

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Make sure to check out these highlights:

The difference between healthy interdependence and toxic codependence [0:43]

Signs of being codependent [1:22]

How to break free from this cycle before it ruins your relationships [2:20]

You are not a bad person if you are codependent. I want to say that again so you truly believe it.

This is a tough subject, of course, since it takes a lot of honest self-examination. It takes a commitment to change.

I want you to focus on overcoming this for your happiness, though, not out of obligation to others. You’ll feel better once you break free from this and reclaim your individual power. Your joy is what matters.

You can start with this. What strategy from this video will you first take action on? What exactly is your plan going forward? Write it in the comments to make sure you act on it!

Then go forward and trust you are empowering yourself. By simply visiting this page and watching this video, you’ve taken a step towards greater joy. And that’s amazing.

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