The Mental Health Recovery You’re Guaranteed to Reach

The Mental Health Recovery You’re Guaranteed to Reach

If you can’t reach a place of mental health recovery, it’s because of one single mindset. Your version of recovery is not the right one for you.

There is a place of mental health recovery you can reach. First, simply define what recovery means to you and you alone. You are guaranteed to reach it—so long as you’re realistic and willing to do the work.

Recovery is diverse and unique. We all live with different mental illnesses and, as a result, even if we share the same conditions, we all experience them in distinct severities. We all have access to different resources. Different supports. We walk different journeys.

Mental health recovery does not always mean being cured and never again having symptoms. Even with symptoms you can live well. You can feel fulfilled. You can love yourself and live an incredible life.

Mental health recovery is unique to each of us. Your version of recovery is always within reach.

Every morning, I wake up excited for the day. I work on a business I love. I get to spend time with my girlfriend—someone I treasure with my whole heart. Cooking, art, and piano are just some of the wonderful hobbies I pursue. And yes, I still have PTSD. A nasty, disabling case of it too.

My life has become so much more than my mental illness. This is what I consider recovery—seeing that my life is more than my struggles.

Your definition may be similar or totally different. It may involve being cured. It may include life-long symptoms. You might anticipate easy healing or a long road ahead.

Whatever it is, this episode will help you find a realistic version of mental health recovery you truly can reach. And it comes with amazing benefits too.

It takes a ton of stress off when you define your own version of recovery. You won’t be trying to live someone else’s path. You will be living the one best for you. The one that allows you to unleash all your gifts out into the world.

You will no longer compare yourself to others. You can celebrate their progress without feeling bad you haven’t gotten that far yet.

When you stumble in recovery, you’ll be forgiving of yourself. A realistic view of recovery includes some falling back. If you have a relapse in symptoms, you will be able to handle it with grace.

The process of defining your perfect version of mental health recovery is in this episode. You’re about to wildly dream, but I’ll make sure you stay grounded too.

Discouraged? Learn how much every step counts and how awesome you’re doing here.

You have a seriously amazing future ahead of you. Now that you’ve redefined your mental health recovery, I’m guessing you see your path with newly inspired hope. Where you believe you truly can achieve a well and full life.

I would love to help you take your recovery one step farther. Join me for a free coaching call right here. I’ll make sure to pour my all into getting you to your dream destination.

If you have some thoughts about this episode, I would absolutely love to hear from you in the comments below.

What is one way you can redefine your recovery? And what is one way this inspiring outcome helps you feel better about yourself now?

Also, if you enjoyed this, please share it with a friend or on your favorite social media platform. All of us living with mental illness have struggled with the concept of recovery at one time. This may be the message your loved one needs to hear. They can know they are doing perfectly. That they are walking the right path.

Lots of love and support as you continue forward, my friend. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today. I hope we continue to stay in touch for years into the future.

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