Beyond Surviving: Unleash Unlimited Potential to Live Your Dream Life After Abuse With authenticity, courage, and self-love, the Embrace Your Purpose program will unleash your power to pursue your greatest dreams—no matter what you have faced in the past.

This program is closed, but I'm making a similar eCourse here!

The 8-Week Transformational Journey

You'll embark on during the Embrace Your Purpose: Creating the Confidence You Need to Thrive Program

Week 1:

Create authentic intentions in life and learn the key to making every decision from your heart.

Week 2:

Start designing a crystal clear path to move from simply surviving to a joyous, achievable future. 

Week 3:

Foster powerful self-forgiveness in the midst of big obstacles, making sure nothing pushes your dreams out of reach.

Week 4:

Free yourself from the burden of a tough past with the power of radical acceptance.

Week 5:

Turn past trauma or current illness on its head, unleashing powerful skills you can use to reach your greatest dreams.

Week 6:

Transform your inner critic into an ally, starting to work as a team to create a life you love.

Week 7:

Conquer self-sabotage with a tried and true method of breaking free from toxic cycles.

Week 8:

Dig into action by creating two unique, detailed plans to turn the dream you chose in week 1 into reality.

Included Extras:

➡️ Over 20 transformative worksheets, partnered with each week’s lesson

➡️ Personal attention, since there are only 9 people per group

➡️ Heal faster with significantly discounted private coaching during your time in this program

➡️ A bonus 9th session filled with exciting surprises and resources


➡️ 9 week course, with 90-min sessions, once a week

➡️ Each session is on the same time and day

➡️ The program is entirely virtual—all you need is internet access

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Program Cost:


This cost covers all materials, resources, and session for one person. A payment plan of 3 installments of $130, one month apart, is also available.

Past 2018 Sessions:

Mondays at 7-8:30pm EST, from 1/22 until  3/19
Wednesdays at 10-11:30am EST from 1/24 until 3/21
Tuesdays 1-2:30pm EST from 1/30 until 3/27
Thursdays from 3-4:30pm EST from 2/1 until 3/29

This program is closed, but I'm making a similar eCourse here!

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I’m Arien Smith, the founder of Uncover Your Joy—a company transforming personal development and making it more inclusive for those of us with mental illness. I live an uncommon life, with PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Despite my past abuse and current disabilities, I’m truly thriving. Every concept in this program is one I used in my own life—to go from pain to joy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is group coaching a good fit for me?

If you feel like the abuse you faced is holding you back from living your dreams, this program is the perfect fit for you! It has great potential to transform your life into one you love.

It's also a perfect fit if you struggle to set and keep goals, have an ideal life you just can't seem to reach no matter how hard you try, or you want to free yourself from critical thoughts. Even if you aren't a survivor of trauma, this program can be a great fit for you!

Are results guaranteed?

Like many things in personal growth, the results are often dependent on your individual effort and intentions you bring into the program. I cannot guarantee (or quantify) results, but I can say that all the techniques I use in this coaching have worked for me and many other individuals. You can read testimonials here.

I am currently in therapy, can I still attend group coaching?

For sure! This group coaching program and therapy pair wonderfully. In fact, if you live with a mental illness, I’d suggest attended therapy while in group coaching.

Therapy is fantastic for baseline mental health, coping, and symptom management. Coaching untangles the pains, setbacks, and obstacles holding you back from your dreams. In this program, we’re going to work hard on creating a clear path towards your dream life and overcoming obstacles along the way. This is totally possible while you’re working with a therapist on your mental health.

Do I need to have a mental illness or be a survivor of abuse to attend?

If you feel the benefits of this group coaching will help you improve your life and you don’t fit either of these, you can still join! This program is crafted around the unique challenges us survivors and mentally ill people face, so my only caution is that you may find some of the material irrelevant. Nonetheless, you are the best judge of your own needs. I won’t turn you away if you feel this program is a great fit. I will work with you with the same dedication as all the other attendees.

What is the payment plan option?

A payment plan is available of three payments of $130. Each payment is staggered one month apart. The first is a deposit before the program to reserve your seat. If this is still too financially stressful, this program simply isn’t the perfect fit for you right now. 

Helping you out is still super important for me, which is why I will always be creating free videos for my online TV show Arien Inspires. Check them out here!

If I discover group coaching is not for me, can I get a refund?

Definitely. If you decide you would not like to continue after the first session, email and you will receive a refund of $300 (or $70 if you have only made the first payment installment). More details about the refund policy are listed at the bottom of this page.

Is this group coaching one-size-fits all?

Group coaching is a dynamic program. It isn’t a step-by-step-follow-this-exactly type of program. There are open ended ways you can use all the techniques and cater them towards your own goals, abilities, and needs.

All these sessions introduce a blend of powerful techniques drawn from therapy, mindfulness, and self improvement that have been shown to help millions of people. Not every technique works for everyone, but there are dozens of ideas and techniques that will be discussed, plus many worksheets and exercises you can try. I’m certain at least several will work for you. Group coaching focuses on showing you how you can get the most out of the resources available to you and offers many potential paths and exercises you can use.

Will I learn as much during this program as I would during one-on-one coaching?

With this specific group coaching program, you will receive the amazing benefit of up to eight other wisdom-filled minds. Your peers may be able to share insights and expertise that I alone would not have. This is a huge benefit of group coaching!

This said, each group is entirely unique. I cannot predict exactly how much you will learn or what your peers will share. This program covers the foundation of techniques I provide all of my one-on-one clients in a more succinct and affordable way.

Since this is a group setting, will I receive any time to focus on my own issues?

Yes! I have designed several ways that you can receive individual support, even as a member of a group. Throughout the eight weeks, you will have access to one-on-one email support. I also keep the groups small, so everyone can have the chance to participate as much as they wish.

If you are seeking additional support, we can set up a discounted one-on-one call. They are usually priced at $150 per hour session, but while you are a member of group coaching they will only cost $80. You may receive up to two one-on-one sessions during these eight weeks at this discounted rate. There are also some surprise bonuses that may add to the one-on-one services you’ll receive as well!

What if group coaching becomes overwhelming?

If you discover at any point that the sessions are too overwhelming, you are welcome to not attend the calls and just receive the written material for a flat fee of $120 (for the full program), or you can email me at to discuss a refund based on how much you have attended and your individual needs.

I also offer one-on-one support through email, so if you feel overwhelmed and believe that I can do something to help, I welcome you to reach out (excluding situations where a mental health professional is required).

What if I can’t keep up?

Every worksheet and handout from group coaching is yours for life, meaning that you can set anything aside and complete it at a later date that works better for you.

Everyone grows, heals, and reaches their goals at a unique pace, so there is absolutely no pressure to be on the exact same path as your peers during group coaching. The pace you go at is entirely customizable and all work is optional. In each session, I’ll explain the benefits of each exercise and you can then decide if it is something you want to complete that week or save for a later date.

How emotionally stable do I need to be in order to attend group coaching?

Your mental health and emotional stability are something best judged by yourself and a mental health professional. This group coaching does have the potential to bring up difficult feelings, limiting beliefs, and your inner critic. 

I would not recommend that you attend if you are currently or recently have been in crisis, are lacking a good care plan in case of emergencies, are at risk of harming yourself or others, or are using this as a substitute for professional mental health care (which it is not).

That said, group coaching is highly customizable. It is encouraged, but ultimately optional, to participate in discussions, complete the worksheets, and attend the calls. If you need additional accommodations or would like to run your current situation by me to see if you’re a good fit, please don’t hesitate to email me at If you still have questions, I would suggest speaking with your mental health provider.

What if the others in the group don’t accept me or we don’t get along?

Group coaching is a facilitated peer-support group, meaning that I will be carefully tending to the dynamics during our open discussions. Upon signing up for group coaching, you will also receive a form to complete with guidelines and ground rules. Acting in a way that doesn’t comply with these may result in termination of your group coaching membership without refund. (Accidents happen, and I’m a very forgiving person. This is only applicable to intentionally malicious actions.)

The structure of group coaching is set up in a way that, even if you have personal differences, it will not interfere with the quality of growth you can experience throughout this program.

If, at any time, you run into an issue with a group member that does interfere with your comfort or ability to learn, you can contact me directly at and I will resolve the matter to the best of my ability. You or the other group member may be given a refund, receive a reserved spot in the next available group coaching series, or be offered other accommodations.

You’re not a therapist, can you really help me?

I have poured years of experience, study, and planning into this program. It comes from a powerful desire to help you heal, experience with overcoming my own mental illnesses, and the synthesis of abuse recovery and personal growth techniques in a way that can transform the lives of all of us survivors.

To be clear, I am not a therapist and group coaching is not therapy. It focuses on personal growth and uses techniques like radical acceptance, action-planning, overcoming limiting beliefs, and many more foundational exercises for positive personal transformation.

This group coaching comes from my experience of what allowed me to take charge of my life and really transform my dreams into reality, despite facing years of abuse. With all my heart, I stand by this offering and my ability to help you and all your fellow peers who attend.

Have another question? Email me at

Refund Policy:

This program is nearly risk free. If you attend the first session and realize it’s not a good fit for you, just send an email to asking for a refund. You’ll receive $300 back (if you paid the fully amount) or $70 back (if you paid the first payment plan installment). Only a $60 deposit is kept to cover initial overhead costs.

If you decide later in group coaching that it’s not a good fit for you, here is the refund breakdown:

Full payment ($360):

Refund before session 2: $300 returned
Before session 3: $270
Before session 4: $220
Before session 5: $170
Before session 6: $120
Before session 7: $70
Before session 8: $20

For a payment plan, you must cancel before paying the second installment. Refund rates are as follows:

Before session 2: $70
Before session 3 (and before second installment): $20

Upon receiving your refund, you will no longer receive additional group coaching materials or be able to attend additional sessions. What you have already received is still yours for life! If you miss a session as you go along, but remain a member of group coaching, no refund will be provided. You will be given follow up materials to summarize what you missed.

If you have any questions about the refund policy, please don’t hesitate to email You’ll receive a response within one business day.


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