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Forgiving Yourself, No Matter the Mistakes You Make

Are you tired of hating yourself every time you make a mistake? It’s exhausting to feel worthless and hear self-deprecating thoughts. You don’t deserve it—you deserve to be forgiving yourself always and forever.

Mistakes happen to every single human being. You’re trying your best, but sometimes you don’t have the insights or energy to do something perfectly. And that sometimes leads to a slip up.

It’s rational to feel a bit bad about this. Guilt, honestly, can be empowering—guiding you towards making amends and changing future behavior.

But shame? That’s a different story. It’s useless. All it does is say that you’re a bad person—rather than noticing that an action was less than ideal, but your worth is still as infinite as always.

You will overcome shame when you work on forgiving yourself.

No matter what mistake you make, you’ll be able to fill your heart with love. You’ll be able to get up, apologize, and continue confidently on. You’ll no longer attach mistakes to the belief that you are a bad person.

Most of your struggles with self-forgiveness come from the abuse you faced, but now it’s time for you to overcome this. And, with this episode, you can start.

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Don’t miss out on these highlights!

A powerful truth about mistakes you really need to hear [0:50]

How to start erasing self-hatred and begin forgiving yourself [1:34]

What to do if you’re afraid to let go of that shaming voice [2:07]

You can start forgiving yourself as soon as you become persistent with self-kindness. Keep reminding yourself that you deserve love. That it is okay, it’s human, to make mistakes.

Over time, you’ll no longer feel ashamed of who you are and you’ll no longer question if you’ll suddenly become a bad person.

Think of a mistake you recently made. What can you tell yourself to erase the shame you have around it? What sort of repetitive kindness will you start to give yourself?

Comment below with your answer!

And, as always, please do share this video with someone you care about too. We all need to be a little more forgiving of ourselves—and this can be the start of that process.

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