The #1 belief ruining your self esteem and how to fix it

The #1 Belief Ruining Your Self Esteem and How to Fix It

It’s because of the abuse you faced that you have low self-esteem. It’s not because of anything you did or who you are.

But it feels like those two things are the reason right? Like there is something wrong with, well, you…? 

That’s because your abuser deliberately created a belief that you deserve to be hurt. They told you literally through words or their actions that you weren’t worth anything. 

That your role was to be hurt by them.

And you know what? You had to believe this in order to survive the abuse you faced. 

The belief that you deserve to be hurt is what leads to things like Complex PTSD, the loss of self-esteem, and a struggle for you to find healthy relationships.

Instead you look for things that keep repeating that belief. Things that continue to hurt you.

So, in order to fix that loss of self-esteem, that loss of self-love and joy, you simply need to find how to outsmart this belief.

That, my friend, is how you heal self-esteem after abuse.

You will find so much joy and happiness and peaceonce this belief is gone. Things that you may have forever questioned were possible after abuse. So, how do you start this entire healing process? Click play on the video below!

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There is so much amazingness that you bring this world. You deserve to be able to see it, to see just how worthy you are. To see that you no longer and never have deserved hurt.

I know that this is a challenge and it may even seem like this is a hard ask, but I really want you to take a second, step back, and look at this belief you hold. Then answer these questions:

Does this belief (‘I deserve to be hurt’) impact you? How?

After watching this video, what new understandings do you have about this limiting belief?

If anything healing has come up, be sure to put that in the comments below too. When you have something healing that you experienced and someone else reads your words, than they may find the same healing you did.

It’s through this that we can help other survivors who have gone through the same pain that we have. 

Before I head out today I do want to let you know at this belief is something that takes time to overcome. It’s not a simple overnight quick solution. Your abuser ingrained this in you for years. They forced you to believe it by hurting you, by traumatizing you. They gave your brain no choice but to believe it.

So go easy on yourself. Just start untangling this belief that you deserve to be hurt with small and self-loving steps. 

Because, my friend, you deserve love and joy and happiness. That’s the truth.

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