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How to Find Joy, Even When You Can’t Choose Happiness

We can’t just choose happiness, especially after surviving abuse and living with PTSD. But this can be disheartening.

If you can’t choose happiness, how do you start to love life? How do you begin to feel good?

A love for life is still something you can experience. You can still have wonderful days and great relationships. There are so many ways you can find joy. All without needing the ability to choose happiness.

Let’s first debunk this idea. If you were constantly able to choose happiness, you’d be missing out on other emotional messages. Life wouldn’t feel as complete.

And this isn’t all.

Happiness is an emotion, meaning that it’s temporary like all other feelings. It’s also subject to biological factors like mental illness—making the idea of “choosing happiness” completely irrational.

So there’s no need to feel pressured by it. You’re not doing something wrong if you can’t just decide to feel good.

But, you can design a life that makes you happier, even though you can’t choose happiness. This video will show you how—so go ahead and click play!

This video will bring you more happiness. Check it out here!

The important highlights you won’t want to miss:

The emotional loss you’d experience if you did have the power to choose happiness [0:52]

The empowered choices you can make to bring yourself greater joy [1:28]

What to tell yourself when you’re feeling miserable and unmotivated [2:26]

Your ability to make decisions is powerful. You may not have the ability to choose happiness—but you can still design a life you love. It’s my hope this episode has helped you see exactly how to do that.

Think about one action you’re going to take to start bringing in more happiness. What is it?

Go ahead and comment below! By writing it down, you’ll bring it one step closer to reality.

Then please do share this blog! “Choosing happiness” is such a pervasive phrase that makes so many of us disheartened. It’s time we collectively switch the power of our choice to more realistic and empowering things.

Just know that today is the start to a life you love. Every step you take brings more happiness into your life. You’ll get to the places you dream of.

How close are you to living a life you love? Take the quiz here!

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