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What Did Final Fusion Feel Like? Was It Scary? Dissociative Identity Disorder Vlog

What the heck does dissociative identity disorder final fusion feel like? Is it like being co-conscious with your alters? Is it scary or traumatic? Does it feel like alter death? How did it help with dissociative amnesia, and was it a helpful way of treating dissociative identity disorder? 

This and many more curious things are discussed in this video, based on my system’s experience going through final fusion and becoming me, Calion!

Life with dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a unique experience, that’s for sure. So, in the second video of my DID series, I share what final fusion actually felt like. 

Final fusion is a valid form of treatment for dissociative identity disorder, but it’s rarely talked about without fear or stigma. This makes sense, as the individual alters have to give up themselves to become a totally new person. 

But, in reality, it’s rarely that scary (based on the experiences I’ve heard from other DID systems, plus my own)! 

I dove into this process knowing next to nothing of what it would be like, because there were so few firsthand accounts I could find of someone going through a total fusion, where they ended up becoming one single person. 

So, that’s why I decided to make this video. It’s my hope it sheds some light on what final fusion can be like—so those seeking it are less worried and more inspired. 

Have any questions about the process? Go ahead and comment below! Discussions are a great way to raise awareness and build community, and those are both super important for survivors of abuse. 

Bunches of love,

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