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Feeling Stuck in Life After Abuse? 5 Things You Need to Do to Free Yourself

Abuse is impactful. Every one of us survivors knows this is true. Abuse leaves us with pains, struggles, illnesses, and a very long journey of recovery. It can leave us feeling stuck in life—since this healing path wasn’t one we chose or consented to.

This knowledge, naturally, can be quite difficult to live with. How do we “unstick” ourselves when we didn’t even ask to be stuck in the first place? Why do we even have to be the ones to do this work?

It all feels unfair, exhausting, and confusing. I’ve been there (for years!), but now I feel true forward momentum. I’m constantly moving closer to a life I love, and I no longer feel burdened by my past. 

This blog will help you access the same freedom and motivation. You’ll be able to overcome feeling stuck in life and truly find the peace you’ve been craving for years. All by understanding the five main blocks in the way of this liberation. Each one is described right below, with resources to help you overcome it.

Block #1: Not Accepting the Past

This is the most important thing to overcome. Break this block down and you’ll instantly stop feeling stuck in life. Acceptance is where you realize you can’t go back in time and change what happened to you, even if you want to. (And you accept those feelings of upset about that!) You have to let yourself grieve the past you didn’t get to have, like the good childhood or marriage you wanted.

Acceptance is not automatically being okay with what happened to you or tolerating additional harm against you. It’s simply acknowledge the literal reality we can’t change what we went through, and this prevents us from exhausting ourselves by resisting reality. It takes so much energy to heal, and an acceptance mindset gives us enough to handle that journey. 

Here’s a resource on unconditionally accepting emotions. Here’s another that describes, in depth, what acceptance is and is not! Lastly, here’s a whole transformative eCourse that’ll have you mastering an acceptance mindset in just a few weeks. 

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Block #2: Inability to Recognize Your Personal Power of Choice

Part of feeling stuck in life is thinking that you’re powerless. It’s not unusual to feel this way after abuse—since your abuser literally did take away your power in the past. But, you’re free now and you can reclaim this. 

Overcoming this block is all about recognizing you do make empowered choices every day. Once you see this, you can start to push yourself towards decisions that actually help you heal and find joy. It may take a while to change things, but recognizing you are getting a little closer with every decision will help you stop feeling stuck in life. 

That program I mentioned earlier dives deep into a method to reclaim your inner power—and this blog talks about it too!

Block #3: Not Having Clear Core Values

Once you know you have the power to make decisions, you need a way to ensure those decisions are actually helpful for you. If you just make choices on a whim, or base them entirely off the advice of others, you’re not actually getting closer to true joy. And this will always leave you feeling stuck in life. Joy is freedom. 🌟

Core values are 8-10 large concepts that matter the most to you. Like family or mental health or inner peace. You define what these mean, and then you can use them to check every major decision you make—ensuring all your choices are directing you towards joy. 

Making value-based decisions is a bit of an art form, so here’s a blog that’ll teach you the basics of how to do this! Additionally, the Prosperity Path program here has an entire module on this—where you’ll get crystal clear on your core values and how to use them to guide your life towards joy. 

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Block #4: You Try to Solve Problems Before Understanding the Issue

A deep understanding of what’s not working in your life is necessary before you can fix things and become unstuck. It’s human nature to jump into solving things, even before we really know what the problem is. 

Of course…this doesn’t really work all that well. So, if you keep feeling stuck in life, especially when you try to solve problems and don’t notice anything getting better, reflect on this. See if you can fully understand what’s going wrong, how it doesn’t align with your ideal vision for your life, and go from there. 

I haven’t yet written blogs on this topic in depth, but that program I mentioned earlier does have a whole module focusing on this. Here’s how you can join! (I promise I’ll write blogs on this in the future! Take this quiz to get added to my email list so you don’t miss it.)

Block #5: Your Solutions Aren’t Value-Based

Once you understand the problems you’re facing, you can make empowered solutions for it. But, the way you solve the issues you face has to be based in your values. Otherwise you’ll continue feeling stuck in life, because you’re not listening to what you authentically need and want. 

So, when it comes time to solve any issue you’re facing, take time to reflect on this question first. “Does this solution line up with my core values?” If it doesn’t, it’s time to look for a better option—one that truly fits the needs of your heart. 

You can use this blog as a guide on how to do that—and The Prosperity Path Program also has a whole section on this!

How to Permanently Stop Feeling Stuck in Life

When you work through all five of these blocks, and consistently practice overcoming them, it’s nearly impossible to stay feeling stuck in life. Even when some hugely unfortunate situation happens, you’ll be aware of your power and you know how to navigate around the situation, all while listening to your heart. 

I’ve had huge setbacks happen in my life, even in the past few months—yet, because of these techniques, I’ve haven’t actually felt stuck in life. I still feel free, just frustrated or pained by the struggle (as any person would, no matter their mindset!). 

The best way to master these skills is through The Prosperity Path program here. It’ll guide you along a six-week path to freedom from your past, all the way to a life of joy. You’ll have community support from other survivors of abuse along the way, too! 

The blogs I’ve linked to above are also a great resource, or you can do some research of your own based on these blocks (now that you know what they are). It’s all about finding what works for you! 💖

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Which of these 5 blocks is the main one you struggle with? What’s one thing you’ll do today to start overcoming it? Go ahead and comment below! Joining this conversation with other survivors is healing for all of us. 

You can also take this quiz right here to figure out which block you’re the most stuck in, if you’re unsure about it!

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July 21, 2020