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What You Need to Stop Feeling Discouraged (Even After Years of Abuse Recovery)

If you’re a survivor of abuse who’s been working for years (or even decades) to heal and you feel discouraged because you haven’t made much progress, this blog is for you. 

We all know it’s a journey to heal from abuse, especially if you were hurt in childhood. Your entire formative years were created around painful, traumatic experiences—and changing how this affected you isn’t going to happen overnight. 

But, after the years of work you’ve put in, it makes sense to want to see significant improvement. A sign that at least something you’re doing is helping. 

Well, my friend, here’s how you keep your motivation alive through the entire journey towards joy after abuse (which is, lucky for you, my specialty!). 

Step One: Find the Right Path

The best way to transform feeling discouraged into unlimited motivation is to find the right healing path for you. This is the issue most of us survivors face, simply because there are very few resources that actually instruct us on how to live a great life after trauma. 

There’s plenty of PTSD treatment methods in therapy, but they only treat the disorder. It’s rare to find professionals who show us how to go beyond that.

That’s where The Prosperity Path comes in. After working with hundreds of survivors (and examining my own journey), I uncovered a 6-step path that will bring you directly to joy—even after years of trauma. Here’s more info on how it works!

Of course, each survivor is a different person. Although this path has helped hundreds of people like you, it might not be the one you’re meant to walk. There are other great teachers out there, with their own paths too. Explore them and see what resonates. 

Find a path that’s worked for at least one other survivor, try it, and see if it works for you. All that might be missing from your journey is not having the right direction to head in. And you’ll obviously feel discouraged if the path you’re walking isn’t right for you.

(P.S. I’d recommend Rachel Grant’s and Fanny Olin’s work! They are both amazing survivors who have dedicated their lives to helping people like you and I.)

How close are you to thriving after abuse? Click here to take the quiz!

Step Two: Keep Motivation Up During Your Journey

Once you know the path ahead of you, it’s important to keep your motivation alive. Here are a few of my top recommendations: 

Celebrate all your accomplishments, large or small: Basically, consistently thank yourself for all you’re doing, for all the effort you’re putting into your healing. When you notice one tiny shift happen, or one piece of a goal reached, genuinely celebrate that! It’s amazing how much these moments of self-kindness can stop you from feeling discouraged. (Bonus points if you treat yourself to a soothing or yummy treat from time to time!)

Journal your progress: Seeing how far you’ve come is a great way to keep yourself motivated, especially when you’ve been feeling stuck. Keep a journal and, whenever you feel discouraged, take a peek at a few entries from months ago. Most likely, you’ll notice ways you’ve healed and worked through things that once hurt—and this can motivate you to keep doing the work you need to improve your life even more. 

Cross off the goals you reach: Keep track of your goals, like in a list, and cross off each one as you achieve them. This is such a direct way to feel like you’re making progress! You can even break your goals down into tiny steps (something I teach in The Prosperity Path program) to encourage yourself even more. 

Additional Resources to Transform Feeling Discouraged into Life-Long Motivation

The Prosperity Path eCourse has a whole section on motivating yourself to continuing your journey to joy. It’ll teach you how to break down your goals into achievable steps (so you can literally see the progress you’re making), as well as give you access to a community you can reach out to for encouragement when you need it. 

So, if you struggling with feeling discouraged, be sure to join this program! There’s even a membership you can join for additional exercises, progress tracking, guest expert interviews, and one-on-one support from me.

The Prosperity Path will also give you the clarity to find freedom from your past, build hope for a better future, and design a clear roadmap to get to a life of joy.

You can start on this healing path today by taking the quiz here! Drop your name and email after you get your results for access to the most important healing info you need. 

I’d love if you left a comment below with one strategy you’ll start doing to keep your motivation alive, even during the long healing journey from abuse. I know it’s a tough journey, I was once there too. But I promise—follow the advice in this blog and it will become far easier. <3

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