How to Feel Safe in the World After Abuse

Abuse strips us of the ability to feel safe in this world. We were shown the darkest sides of humanity, often at the hands of someone that we trusted. They told us, through their actions, that the world is not often a kind place.

This is the toughest part of surviving abuse. To have our view of the world be marked with the constant thought of “I’m not safe here.” And, when we’re constantly on edge, we can’t truly and fully heal from the trauma we faced.

So, how do you start to see the world as a safer place once again? How do you reclaim comfort and trust?

That’s what this video is all about—so go ahead and click play!

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Don’t miss these highlights:

Understanding why it’s so hard for us survivors to feel safe [0:35]

How to reclaim the feelings of comfort, trust, and safety that were lost during trauma [1:24]

The powerful way to build inner trust, so you can once again love the world you live in [2:30]

Reclaiming safety isn’t about deluding ourselves into thinking the world is once again a totally safe place. It’s important that you do see that it isn’t always safe. After all, acknowledging this will help protect you.

To feel safe again, you have to validate the discomfort you have and start to feel safe with those anxieties, cautions, and worries you have. Then to find trusted environments or people who can help you re-explore the world, with them by your side.

It will take time to feel safe and comfortable again, but you’ll get to this place. You’ll someday understand that, even though the world isn’t perfect, it can still be enjoyed and treasured. That there is far more goodness than hatred in people’s hearts—even though it doesn’t seem like it yet.

So, what is the first step towards reclaiming safety that you’ll pursue? How will you start doing this? Go ahead and comment right below, I’d absolutely love to hear from you!

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