How to Avoid and Escape Toxic Relationships

How to Avoid and Escape Toxic Relationships

Always finding yourself in toxic relationships? Almost like you’re a magnet for abusers?

It’s never your fault that ill-intentioned people come into your life, but there are ways you can empower yourself to get out of and prevent these relationships.

You just have to understand why your mind keeps making you trust those not-so-nice people. And why, when you do stumble upon someone truly loving, you feel terrified to get close.

You’re not alone in this. So many of us survivors of abuse deal with many toxic relationships—and it’s often the same subconscious pattern repeating itself, over and over.

We’re afraid of being alone, so we stick around anyone who shows us some affection. Or we don’t venture into healthy relationships because they just feel so unusual for us. We’re struggling with a fear of real love.

You can break free from this—all of this. And you can start by clicking play.

Pushing the people you love away? Check out this video too!

The highlights you won’t want to miss:

The role loneliness plays in keeping you with people who don’t treat you right [1:01]

Important signs of toxic relationships—the ones you really don’t want to overlook [1:43]

The empowered steps you can take to break free from all abusive people in your life [2:35]

Leaving any abusive relationship takes a lot of courage. I know you have the strength to walk away—but first you need to believe you can do it.

And I think these questions will help build up your confidence!

What scares you about walking away? What makes you hesitant to cut out a toxic person? And most importantly, why is it worth walking away anyways?

Go ahead and leave a comment right below!

I’m by your side with this, too. I’d be happy to help you in any way I can. If you’re hesitant to take this leap, sign up for additional blogs and resources (the form is in the sidebar!). We’ll work through those fears together!

You are such a strong person. It’s your time to find real love and compassion—and all you need to do first is walk away from the people who don’t treat you right.

Soon, people bearing unconditional love will come into your life.

How close are you to thriving after abuse? Click here to take the quiz!

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