How to be Unconditionally Empathetic

How to be Unconditionally Empathetic

With so many resources out there on empathy…why do we still struggle to be empathetic (both personally and as a society)? 

It’s all because we’re missing the first step—turning acceptance and understanding towards ourselves. If we deny ourselves empathy, we deny the world it too. 

I learned this technique in a really wacky, unconventional way, but it’s one of the most critical on my road to recovery. Without it, I don’t think I could cope with the grief and struggle and difficulty of past abuse. But here I am, learning to thrive more and more every day! 

For years I had no idea how to be empathetic towards myself. I was denying myself healing and I don’t want you to follow the same path, so I made this video.

If you’re struggling with self love, finding meaningful relationships, and unlocking sustainable joy, watch this video! Empathy will gift you all of this.

Want to embrace your emotions even better? Watch this! 

Don’t miss these highlights: 

The strange way I became empathetic (that I’ve kept a secret for far too long) [0:59]

The single basis for all inner understanding and empathy [2:23]

The simple exercise to begin unconditionally understanding your emotions [3:30]

Learning to be empathetic will be different for each of us. I tend to run on the highly empathetic side, where others might struggle to feel and accept emotions in themselves. All of this is totally valid. 

No matter how your empathy manifests, whether through a deep sense of shared feeling or a cognitive acceptance of the emotion, work on expanding it first towards yourself. You are your greatest asset in this world—so invest there first. 

After watching this video, I’d love to hear from you below too! Do you think this “talk with your emotions” strategy will be empowering? What insights, questions, or concerns do you have about this technique?

If you did enjoy this video, be sure to share it with another survivor of abuse too. We could all use a little boost in loving our emotions. <3 

Don’t settle for just supporting other’s emotions. Show up for yourself first and, I promise, you’ll discover the real power of empathy. 

P.S. WordPress updated their blog post editor, so I’m relearning a few things–hence some small changes in formatting!

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  • Melissa Kent
    March 3, 2019 at 5:51 am

    Wow. This really allowed me to clarify my frustration right now. Thank you sooo much!????????. It’s something I’ve been struggling with a long time ????????????

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