The Astonishing Way to Turn Emotional Vulnerability Positive

The Astonishing Way to Turn Emotional Vulnerability Positive

Emotional vulnerability is a beautiful and empowering thing. It can lead to authentic and healthy relationships, increase our own self compassion, and bring us to greater places in healing.

After abuse, though, it can be challenging to face the raw emotions that come with recovery. Meaning that vulnerability can feel overwhelming and hard to handle, unless you know how to safely experience it.

That’s what this video is for. I’ll show you how to make emotional vulnerability something empowering—so that others won’t use it to take advantage of you. You’ll discover how being open heals you faster and how it can lead to more meaningful relationships.

I’ll also, of course, make sure you feel safe and confident while experiencing these emotions. You’ll see how to carry them into your heart, ensure they never sweep you completely off your feet.

So, if you’re looking for real connections and a more empowered path in life—watch this video.

What to find self-loving acceptance towards your emotions? Check this out!

Don’t miss these highlights!

Why vulnerability is two-fold (difficult and empowering) for us survivors of abuse [0:36]

How to make sure no one takes advantage of your vulnerable moments [1:34]

Coping with strong, raw emotions and transforming them into a self loving experience [3:22]

Vulnerability is a very deceptive word. It sounds like something weak, something that makes it easy to be taken advantage of. But it’s totally the opposite when it comes to emotional vulnerability.

You gain control over your life and how you walk through this world when you choose to feel your emotions. You’ll learn how to better assert yourself in relationships, while being raw and real. People will be drawn to that.

And, when some inevitable criticism comes up towards you, you’ll know how to bounce back and stand your ground. Because emotional vulnerability teaches you to be unconditionally accepting of all your inner experiences.

In what ways do you want to start letting your emotions be heard? How will you stay empowered, internally or in regards to other people, while you do this emotional healing?

I’d love to hear from you in a comment below! It would also mean so much if you could share this blog with another survivor of abuse. We all deserve to know our emotions are safe to feel.

Remember that emotional vulnerability is empowering. It will strengthen you and pull you through the toughest of times. I wouldn’t be here without a willingness to be vulnerable—and I truly believe it’s the greatest skill you’ll ever develop too.

How close are you to thriving after abuse? Click here to take the quiz!

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