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Sick and Tired of Emotional Numbness? Here’s How to Stop It

Feel like your world is shrouded in a grey filter? Like you’re detached from both the good and bad—not connected to life at all? Emotional numbness is common for us survivors of abuse, but that doesn’t make it any less painful.

It makes us feel like we’re not really living. We can’t embrace happiness. Sometimes we can’t even feel pain.

For many of us, we’d rather feel something—anything—other than numbness.

Emotional numbness has played an important role in your survival and it’s vital not to overlook that. The trauma you faced was too intense to handle so your brain dulled it. It numbed you to protect you.

This doesn’t make the numbness you now live with comfortable, though.

I really get that. I have a dissociative disorder—characterized by this emotional numbness. And it’s painful. I’ve found healing in it, though, and this video will help you do the same.

It’s all about recognizing that emotions are now safe to feel. Teaching your brain that it no longer needs to numb you to pain or joy. You’re strong enough now to handle everything.

If you’re numb all the time or you switch between overwhelm and detachment, give this episode a watch!

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You won’t want to miss these highlights:

How your brain is doing a fantastic job managing your emotions already [1:18]

What you need to feel in order to break free from emotional numbness [2:06]

The simple healing exercise to embrace all emotions and reconnect with life [3:13]

Emotional numbness is not fun to experience. When you were younger and abused, your brain knew you couldn’t handle the trauma happening to you. So it detached you from it.

Now you’re stuck with those dulled feelings, but this doesn’t have to stay. You’re older. You’re empowered now. You can reclaim the beauty of emotions and show your brain that they’re all safe to feel.

Start off by leaving a comment!

What emotions do you need to make a safe space for? How does it feel when you give that hand over the heart exercise (the one in the episode) a try?

Answering these can cue you into important solutions to emotional numbness—so I truly encourage you to take a minute to jot your thoughts down. And don’t forget to share this with another survivor too!

Before you go, remember this. You don’t need to push yourself to feel everything at once. Take it slow and do what feels safe for you. You’ll break free of that emotional numbness as long as you give this a try.

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  1. Cheryl

    I have found movies and TV serials a great way to release numbed feelings. Watching emotionally triggering images online fires our mirror neurons to feel those emotions which in turn triggers our own deeply buried traumatic memories to surface. This helps to release and heal the pain.

    • Arien Smith

      Yes, it definitely can! Sometimes when I need to let something out, I’ll watch something I know will make me a bit emotional too.


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