This is How You Embrace Life After Abuse

This is How You Embrace Life After Abuse

How do you embrace life after abuse? How can you feel joyous, living with the after effects of such horrible trauma?

Embracing life isn’t about having a perfect life. It’s about finding joy and happiness and love even in the midst of hardship—something that us survivors of abuse have faced plenty of.

Despite the unique struggles we have all faced, there are some key things that create a foundation from which joy can grow.

The first is opening up to all experiences. By feeling the tough stuff, you’ll also feel the great things. Love, joy, happiness, and passion.

Then, it’s important to accept what happened in your past. It will only drag you down to resist the truth of the abuse you faced. By accepting it, you can liberate yourself from a substantial amount of pain.

(By the way, if you have some doubts about the healing power of acceptance, I’d suggest checking out this video!)

Having a good life—one we can truly embrace—is something all of us survivors crave (but many of us have no idea how to get).

So, that’s why I created this video. To help you finally embrace life, even though it started out with trauma and pain.

Discover how to find joy during a difficult life here: Joy Comes from Living a Meaningful Life

Don’t miss these highlights!

The important mindsets to have about ourselves, our trauma, and the world in order to embrace life [0:44]

A powerful analogy about acceptance that will show you how to make room for happiness—even while life is difficult [1:39]

The surprisingly healing side of grief—and how it applies to you as a survivor of abuse [2:32]

There is pain you were left with from abuse. But it no longer needs to define your experience of this world! You are in a place of powerful healing—a place where you can finally start to embrace life.

The first step you can take is by leaving a comment below.

What will allow you to start to embrace life? How can you turn that into something you can act on today?

Then, of course, be sure to actually act on what you wrote!

Even if you don’t feel like leaving a comment today, I still encourage you to privately answer these questions. It’s through small actions that you’ll find the healing you seek.

Lastly, please don’t hesitate to share this blog with someone you love too! Embracing life after abuse can seem impossible and this video will show your loved one that it isn’t.

They can come to a place of happiness. And you’re headed there too.

How close are you to living a life you love? Take the quiz here!

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