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All the Ways Final Fusion Made Life Better: Dissociative Identity Disorder Vlog

Final fusion was one of the most empowering and transformative experiences of my life…yet it has a TON of stigma in the online dissociative identity disorder (DID) community! Some people see it as alter death, others as the only path to healing (not true), and some view it as incredibly difficult or painful.

Hopefully, by sharing my experiences of final fusion in this video, it’ll help untangle stigma and make fusion/integration a more positive experience for other systems. I talk about the differences between being a dissociative identity disorder system and who I am today—one fused person.

Understandably, the idea of giving up your individual identity to become a whole new person is intimidating. That’s my guess on why so many people with DID are opposed to this treatment method. 

But there are also some amazing benefits final fusion can bring. Personally, I enjoy who I am today far more than being a dissociative identity disorder system. I still loved that experience too (and thought collaboration was best for me for years!), but I’m glad this is the path I chose. 

Final fusion helped me:

  • Solve trauma bonding
  • Reduce chronic fatigue
  • Feel way more empowered
  • Experience less loneliness
  • And lots more (all talked about in this video!)

As always, this video isn’t saying final fusion is the right or only treatment path for DID. It’s a choice each dissociative identity disorder system has to make, based on their own goals and the dynamics between alters. 

My intention here is to add to the conversation on final fusion, as it seems to be so rarely talked about online from systems that have gone through it! 

I also welcome questions. If I get enough of one type, I’ll be sure to make another video on that particular topic. So, comment below if you’re curious or confused on something, or if you wish to share your own experiences! 

Warm wishes,

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