Dissociative Identity Disorder Consultations

For mental health professionals wanting to better assist their clients with DID

Interested in learning more about dissociative identity disorder as a mental health professional? Thank you for reading this page! Far too few professionals are adequately trained to work with dissociative identity disorder clients. This has created an overall distrust towards clinicians—something you can now help solve.

The best way to help these clients is to understand what life with this condition is like, from someone with the lived experience. This builds true empathy and understanding with your DID patients. 

Understanding DID is essential to having a trauma-informed practice and truly benefitting your patients with childhood trauma. Consider taking the time to learn about and hire a dissociative identity disorder consultant.

I’m Calion

Dissociative Identity Disorder Consultant and Advocate

After surviving child sex trafficking, I developed dissociative identity disorder. When finally diagnosed in 2017, I became active in the education and outreach community, including founding #DIDchat on Twitter. It’s reached hundreds diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. 

I’m also active in participating in, reading, and adding to research materials on dissociative identity disorder (for instance, digesting the entire ISSTD’s manual on DID and treatment). 

I’ve provided consultations on what life with dissociative identity disorder is like. I also speak about the process of final fusion. I’ve been a consultant for both writers and psychotherapists wishing to better understand this condition.

An important note:

The dissociative identity disorder community deeply regards lived experience as the expertise needed for professionals treating DID. Unfortunately, few actually listen to individuals with DID before attempting to treat or diagnose the condition, which can lead to harm—sometimes long-term or deadly. I’ve spoken with many DID systems who faced life-long damage because of poorly educated mental health professionals. So, taking the step to learn about this condition firsthand is essential before treating patients with it. 

Individual Consultancy Fee:

30 Minutes: $80

1 hour: $150

2 hours: $200

Group Consultancy Fee:

1.5 hours

Up to 5 people: $450

6-10 people: $700

11-20 people (2 hours): $1000

Here are some of my educational videos on dissociative identity disorder!