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Coaching is a great resource for living a joyous, happy, and fulfilled life, but it’s not a substitute for therapy or working with a mental health professional. Neither Arien Smith nor Uncover Your Joy claims to be a licensed mental health professional. Nothing on this website or affiliated to this website, created by Uncover Your Joy, claims to be able to treat, cure, heal, or otherwise alter any mental or physical illness or affliction.

Although Arien is not opposed to working with individuals with mental illness,┬áit is vital that the individual understands it is their sole responsibility to make sure they are capable of receiving coaching or reading the material on this website and that it will not harm their mental or physical health. Anything perceived as advice is up to the individual’s sole discretion and responsibility to use or implement in any way. Uncover Your Joy is not liable for any effects, harmful or helpful, an individual may experience by materials on this website or received through a product or service.