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Design Your Destiny and Purpose of Life After Abuse

“What do I want to make with my life?” is quite literally the most powerful question you can ask yourself. Why? Well, it gives you the chance to define your own unique purpose of life. 

When you feel like there is a purpose to life—a reason that you exist in this world—you’ll feel ready to face each day. Even the days that are hard and tiring. 

You won’t feel paralyzed by challenges. Obstacles will no longer seem like the end of the road. In fact, all of life will blossom before you. 

If you give your life purpose, you will forever be sustained by it. 

So how do you find your own purpose of life? Where do you discover the courage and strength and motivation to face each day, no matter what it brings? The answer lies in that question above. 

Why I’m 100% positive you can design your own purpose of life

I don’t believe we have a set destiny. 

If we did, that would mean we were supposed to be abused (and what sort of cruel God or Universe would cause that?). Instead, I believe all the situations in our life are a product of free will. We make choices and those around us make choices. And those choices have direct or indirect impacts on ours and others’ lives. 

So, since your destiny is shaped by your ability to make choices, you can also choose the purpose of your life. 

This doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged. You will face hardship and controversy and setbacks. After all—you’re not the only one in this world with free will. Every single human being has it and some people don’t use that power ethically. They choose to hurt others, whether directly or through conscious negligence. 

But you get to create your life alongside the impact of others actions. You get to choose what you make from the things that happen to you. You get to define your own life purpose.

So what is the purpose of life?

You get to pick and choose what you want to make from the life you’ve been handed, from the past you’ve lived through. 

But what really is purpose? Does it always have to be some monumental thing? Some astronomical breakthrough or act of generosity that impacts millions of lives? 

Heck no. 

Your purpose can be something that seems small. But, in truth, it’s anything but miniscule. 

Each one of us is our own universe. So, if you choose to impact one person’s life, then you are affecting a universe of change

When you choose to seek out opportunities to make positive impacts, you are creating a purpose in life.

You might never hear about the impact you make in a person’s life, but that doesn’t alter the fact your choice has changed someone for the better.

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For my last birthday, I got a message from a yoga teacher saying someone had gifted me a private restorative yoga and reiki session with her (A very generous offering, as private sessions like this don’t come cheap! Certainly out of my current budget). 

When I went, the teacher shared how this anonymous person was so moved by who I was and what I was doing with my life, that she wanted to give back to me. She saw a light in me and wanted me to know that I was impacting her. 

In that moment, we both saw the purpose of life. 

I had brought light into her world. I had renewed something in her heart. In turn, she had given me something incredibly healing. Something that lowered chronic pain and restored a huge amount of energy I was missing after some difficult months. 

They were simple actions, but both stemmed from conscious and compassionate choice. 

I had chosen to be kind towards those I met and she noticed that. She chose to give from her place of financial abundance—and that changed my life and healing path. 

How to define your own life purpose:

It’s not difficult to create your own life purpose. All you need to do is dream a little. 

There’s no obligation to dream big (although you totally can!). Just have something in mind, something you wish you could do that would bring healing to another’s life. 

For instance, maybe you imagine that your presence will someday shine so bright that people will feel their spirits lift when you say a simple hello. Or maybe you hope to adopt a dog or cat or other animal and show them the love they deserve. 

Perhaps you want to be the type of person that shows it’s okay to be yourself, to present how you want, to be authentic. Maybe you want to give a speech, whether to one or one thousand people. As a result, they’ll walk away with some new healing or inspiring insights.

All you need to do is dream about what sort of impact you’d like to leave on this world. Ask yourself that question: “What do I want to make with my life?”

Then work on developing the skills you need for it and take action.

There are millions of purposes to life. All you really need is the intention to make an impact. The acknowledgement that you can choose to make something from the life you’ve been handed, no matter where you came from. 

Your potential is not limited by the abuse you faced. You’re going to change the world.

Now comment with your answer to “What do I want to make with my life?” Share your self-defined purpose with the world, starting here!

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May 7, 2019