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I Had a Sexually Abusive Friend, Here’s How I Recovered

Abusers aren’t always romantic partners. It’s possible to have abusive friends, too. Even best friends. 

That’s what happened to me. I confided in my best friend of 4 years about past child abuse…and then she assaulted me. Right then and there, after trusting her with my wounded heart. 

That betrayal absolutely destroyed me. Yet, in that destruction, I found a way to rise again. That’s what I talk about in this video: how I healed from such a horrible breach of trust. 

If you trusted someone and they betrayed you, I’m offering you this video as a way to heal some of that hurt. It’ll show you how to cope with the aftermath of an abusive friend or intimate partner.

Here’s the radical acceptance blog referenced in the video, by the way.

Recovery and healing are always possible. Try validating the betrayal abusive friends left you with first, as this will likely bring you greater peace. From that peace, you can start to untangle the wounds of what you went through. 

It’s also helpful to know you’re not alone. So, if you’ve had an experience with an abusive friend, please comment below if you feel safe to. Let’s create a loving and supportive community where we can openly share our stories and heal together. 

Supporting you,

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January 15, 2021