Conquer Guilt and Shame After Abuse

Have you ever been hanging out with friends and your mind says, “why do they even want to spend time with me?” Or doubted that you’re worthy of love? This is all due to guilt and shame, the kind that hurts and harms us survivors nearly every day.

How do you overcome guilt and shame? How do you see yourself in a loving light?

First, you have to understand what they are. Guilt and shame are two different things. Guilt is when we feel bad about something we did, shame is when we feel bad about who we are. But, because of the shame you had to carry in order to survive the abuse, guilt is often turned almost instantly into shame.

Second, it’s essential to know how shame helped you survive past trauma. It isn’t an irrational emotion—it once had a purpose. It once saved your life. Now, it’s simply worth recognizing that it’s no longer needed.

In this episode, you’ll see exactly what in your past caused you to carry so much guilt and shame and how you can empower yourself to overcome it. You’ll reframe how you see mistakes—making room for your shortcomings without setting unrealistic expectations.

Shame is something worth taking seriously. It limits self love and can even lead to much worse outcomes—like us no longer wanting to go on.

Abuse was difficult, but you survived it. You pulled through with all of the amazing strength in your heart and soul and you overcame it. Now there is some lingering guilt and shame, but you can overcome this too.

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Guilt and shame weigh heavy on your spirit. They can pull you down even on the best of days, even when trauma memories are hidden beneath the surface. When you overcome these emotions—you’ll feel a freedom unparalleled.

It’s my hope this episode has started you on this liberating path. Helping you see that shame originally helped you survive and, now that you no longer need it, how you can overcome it.

Since us survivors commonly feel guilt and shame, could you share this blog with a loved one? It’s through your shares that the healing here at Uncover Your Joy can reach the minds of others. I’d deeply appreciate you taking a second to reach out to someone you care about with a link to this.

Lastly, I’d absolutely love to hear from you in a comment below!

Right now in your life, what is one thing you feel ashamed of about yourself? One thing you feel makes you a bad person? And what can you tell yourself to break down this shame?

Your words are powerful. I’d absolutely love to hear all you have to share.

No matter where you are in your healing, you deserve to know that you’re an amazing person. That you deserve unconditional love and unlimited joy. Guilt and shame hurt, but they do not define you. Your trauma doesn’t define you now. And it will not define where you go in your future.

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March 14, 2018

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