Conquer chronic stress with these 6 practical habits

Conquer Chronic Stress with These 6 Practical Habits

Maybe you have stellar techniques for handling short term stress. A panic attack. Nerves before a presentation. But, what about chronic stress? It’s the kind that zaps our energy, leaving us exhausted even in the first moments of a new day.

Chronic stress is, to say the least, no fun. It takes a toll on our physical, mental, and emotional health especially if we let it become unchecked. Also, as the lovely title of chronic says-it lasts for a long time. It’s different than a panic attack which, at max, can only be 20 minutes long.

I have PTSD, which is basically chronic stress caused by trauma. These six techniques help me keep my disorder, and the stress that comes with it, in check.

Before I got into the habit of these, this is what my day would start like.

Each morning, I would wake up, roll over, and already feel on edge. Nothing stressful had even happen-I was just stressed. I was exhausted, moody, and nervous. And none of this was from the sound of my alarm. I wake up to a very pleasant jingle every morning.

All of the techniques in this episode are backed by science. And my gosh, after feeling the impact in my life, I really believe in the power of each and every one of these.

Chronic stress is often not our fault. It might have arised from PTSD. Generalized anxiety. Even hormone imbalances. You didn’t ask for chronic stress, but that doesn’t mean you’re helpless while facing it.

Chronic stress is not your fault, but it is within your power to change. You can find calm.

These stress reducing habits range from leaving unhealthy relationships to adding a bit more garlic into your diet. But none of them are false promises and ignorant claims (like the idea that removing gluten will cure your mental illness).

You can pick and choose which techniques you want to try. If diet change isn’t your cup of tea-that’s cool! Maybe some new sleep habits are more ideal for you.

These only require honest commitment from you. None of these are tricky, but you have to decide you want to lower chronic stress. Then you have to stick to it. Commitment is key.

Combine these helpful habits and dedicated commitment together and voilà! You will be calmer than ever.

Stuck with anxiety attacks? Try these three instant stress reduction techniques.

I would absolutely love to hear your brilliant thoughts about stress relief in the comments below.

What is the number one way you want to start reducing chronic stress? Do you have an idea that I haven’t listed in this episode?

We all live in a stress ridden world. So, it would make a huge impact if you could share this blog with someone you care about. It’s a little action you can do to make a potentially gigantic change in someone else’s life.

As always, it’s a joy and honor to share these videos with you. I care so much about your journey. With lower stress, I know you’ll be able to reach the goals you hold dear so much faster.

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