Tough times? How to get through it all (lovingly)

Tough Times? How to Get Through it All (Lovingly)

Hardship happens to us all. Sometimes it’s predictable, sometimes it’s unexpected. That tends to be the most painful—when tough times catch us off guard. Why can’t things just be easy for once? After all you’ve been through, you deserve peace, not more struggle. You’ll learn how to ease your way through unexpected challenges much better. This makes life easier, even though tough stuff will still happen from time to time. Instead of being stressed for weeks, you may...

The Direct Path You Need to Follow to Thrive after Abuse

We all enjoy dreaming of a better life. One where we thrive after abuse—less PTSD, stable finances, happier relationships. Whatever that dream is for you.  We have to dream to stay hopeful, but we often try to reach our ideal life without taking some important healing steps first. Without this foundation, even the best goals and opportunities will (most likely) collapse around us. Everyone healing from abuse has to go through the same (or at least an...

How to Find Self Acceptance after Child Abuse

How to Find Self Acceptance after Child Abuse

We can’t travel back in time and change our past…and this can cause a lot of despair. Difficult emotions may rage through you—scaring you and making it hard to find even one ounce of self acceptance. I get it. I truly, honestly do.  Loving ourselves in any capacity after abuse is hard—especially since that requires us to accept ourselves. That means accepting what happened to us and how it affects us today, including the tough emotions and...

The Prosperity Path_ How to Find Happiness After Abuse

The Prosperity Path: How to Find Happiness After Abuse

Three years ago, my therapist asked me, “Do you think you’ll be happy someday?” I thought about it for a moment before answering, “I don’t think so. Maybe I’ll learn to be okay and tolerate life, but I don’t think I’ll ever know how to find happiness.” I was so wrong. This would have shocked my 21-year-old self. How, after 15 years of violent abuse, could I ever truly feel happy? Looking back, I’m not surprised I love...


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