Powerful benefits of mindfulness for survivors of abuse

Powerful Benefits of Mindfulness for Survivors of Abuse

There are incredible benefits of mindfulness for us survivors of abuse. It can help us heal from trauma, see the world in a more positive way, and tolerate the stress of recovery better. Plus so so much more.

But, there are certain types of mindfulness that help…and others that can hurt. It’s important that any survivor venturing into this field knows what to look for—and that’s why I created this video!

Good mindfulness practices should help you feel calm, supported, and grounded. For those of us with PTSD, we’ll sometimes find that a stillness meditation (the just-focus-on-your-thoughts-and-stay-silent kind) makes us feel far more anxious. Or scanning our bodies brings up unwanted trauma memories we weren’t ready to experience.

I’ve actively pursued mindfulness for almost a decade, so I’ll share what I’ve found works and what doesn’t. There are also some exercises that are great, but require a few notes of caution and preparedness before jumping into.

So, if you’re looking for the healing benefits of mindfulness, watch this video!

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Don’t miss these highlights:

Why you should invest time in learning mindfulness techniques [0:59]

A special set of meditations to teach yourself [1:25]

What to look for in mindfulness exercises, if you choose to venture into new techniques [3:59]

The benefits of mindfulness are profound. They are literally one of the best ways to heal and recover from abuse. They help us get joy and love into our lives in both the fastest and most sustainable way.

Yet, if you go in unaware, you might find yourself taking steps backwards. Demanding too much for yourself or opening yourself up to re-traumatization. So, to make sure you get the real benefits of mindfulness, try the ones I or other survivors you know suggest first.

Never feel bad stopping in the middle of an exercise if it simply isn’t working for you, either.

I’m curious and I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, too. Have you ever tried a mindfulness technique before? Was it helpful or damaging, and how so? What new ones do you think you’ll try?

You are totally capable of recovering and living a fantastic life, though it’s going to take some work. Mindfulness is a great place to start!

(P.S. If you know another survivor of abuse, go ahead and share this blog with them too!)

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