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How to Begin Feeling Joy After Abuse

You’ve been so focused on surviving abuse that you haven’t had time to learn how to experience joy. But, now that you’re free from that traumatic situation…you can begin this beautiful journey. Here’s an episode all about a secret to feeling joy, even if you don’t yet know what joy feels like! 

Episode trigger warning: brief mention of feeling suicidal

Feeling joy is something totally possible even in the midst of early healing and abuse recovery. You don’t need to have cleared away self-hatred. You don’t need to be reciting daily affirmations. 

The secret is that joy is already within you, just covered up with the clouds of past (and current) pain. So, each effort you make to clear some of that, more joy can be noticed and felt. 

Additionally, if you dive into your pain, like through radical acceptance work, you’ll find joy too. Jumping into those clouds brings you straight through them to the sunlight. That’s where you can start feeling joy. 

This has been my favorite part of healing from abuse, so I hope this video both inspires and encourages you to seek joy too. It’s a grounding experience, one I personally think is essential for handling the burden of past abuse. 

If you wish, take some time to reflect on a moment of joy in your past. Even if it was tiny and fleeting! 

What brought it on? How did it feel to experience? What emotions surrounded it? 

I’d encourage you to share your voice in the comments below. Healing is best done as a community, and comments are a great way to lift each other up and find the support we each need, too.

Lots of love, 

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  1. Robin F Pool

    I am typically joyful on vacation when I don’t feel pressure to produce or be anything great.

    • Calion Smith

      Ah, that makes so much sense! It’s also a great clue into manifesting more joy. What pressure do you keep on yourself (or do outside factors keep on you) to produce or be something great? If you can reduce that pressure, it sounds like you’ll make more room for joy!


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January 29, 2021