Life can be hard. The things we experience can tear us down. Feeling broken after experiencing trauma is not rare, in fact, it’s all too common. The recovery and the illnesses we face after are not easy to live with—it can truly feel like the trauma damaged us.

I know this is tough to experience. I have been there, I have felt that confusion and pain and struggle. But I want you to remember this:

You are not a person who is broken. You are a person who is mending.

It is okay to feel like your past shattered you, it is totally okay to feel like you have to pick up the pieces. But remember, this process is one of mending. Even when it’s tough and when it hurts, that’s healing.

You are in a place now where you can design the perfect you. The you you have always dreamed of being. As you mend, you become the most empowered creator of your life.

You can be authentic and self-loving, even while feeling broken

As someone with a disorder that quite literally fragmented my identity, I used to question what authenticity meant to me.

Was it impossible to be genuine with an identity that wasn’t whole, in the sense we usually see identity? Could I only be authentic after I was done healing?

I realized that the answer to both of these was no. Embracing this process of healing is the core of authenticity. And this is something all of us can do, no matter how recently we got out away from our traumas and no matter how new we are to our recoveries.

This episode is powerful. It’s about how embracing where you are now—whether you feel complete or in pieces. This is where your authenticity lies and feeling broken will not take that away from you.

You can be true, you can be genuine, you can be authentic. No matter where you’re at in your healing.

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See, my dear friend, just how truly you you are even while in the throes of healing? Seeing yourself as someone who has been broken, as someone who has a lot of mending to do, does not erase your authenticity.

I’d love to witness the full you, so I encourage you to comment with your thoughts on this:

How have you begun to mend, and how has that shaped you into a more authentic individual?

There are others around you who are blossoming into their authenticity too and some of them may be struggling. They may also feel broken or wounded, and they might be questioning if this means they aren’t authentic. If you know someone you feel may be struggling, please share this episode with them.

Do not forget that, no matter what you have been through, you are beautiful and genuine. Finding and sharing your truth is more than possible—it is already happening.

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