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“Am I Enough?” Yes! And Here’s How to Believe It

I don’t think there is anything that plagues us survivors more than the question, “Am I enough?”

Our abusers, day after day, told us something was wrong with us. That we were bad and unworthy. That our purpose in this world was to be hurt.

Your abuser kept their control over you by convincing you that you deserved to be hurt. And they did this by making you think something was wrong with you—without ever explaining what that thing was, ensuring you could never improve or fix it.

They made sure there was no way for you to appease them. To make them happy. They would make a demand and then, even when you did that perfectly, they’d get angry at something else.

This was all a product of their manipulation, but that didn’t change the fact that they left us wondering—are we enough?

Of course you are! You are a beautiful, wonderful, strong, and inspiring person. And yet I know I could spend hours telling you this and you may not truly believe it, deep down in your heart.

That’s why I made this video. So you can move into a place of truly seeing yourself as enough.

You’ll come to reject your abuser’s critical voice. You’ll start to walk a path of self-love. And, most importantly, you’ll reclaim your worth as a person.

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The highlights you don’t want to miss:

Exactly how your abuser used the question “Am I enough?” to keep their control over you [0:52]

The single thing you need to do to erase this critical question from your mind [2:10]

The infinite power you have to reshape your life, no matter how many times you believed you weren’t enough [3:12]

Your abuser was the one who convinced you that you weren’t worthy, but now you can reject their message. You can banish that voice that questions, “Am I enough?”

And this can be the first step you take: in the comments below, simply answer these questions.

What in your past made you feel like you aren’t enough? And what can you do now to reclaim self-worth?

I’d absolutely love to hear from you, but of course share only what you are comfortable with. I do moderate these comments, so I’ll make sure no hate gets thrown your way!

If you could also share this blog with another survivor of abuse, that would be super fantastic! Every single one I’ve met (including my alters and I) have faced this question—so I have no doubt you sharing this will positively impact another’s life too.

You have the power to convince yourself that you are enough. To see yourself with loving eyes and a soft heart—with so much compassion supporting you.

How close are you to living a life you love? Take the quiz here!

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