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4 Life-Changing Reasons to Accept Your PTSD Diagnosis

Feeling boxed in by your new PTSD diagnosis? Are you struggling to accept that you officially have a disorder?

It is intense to receive this news! I definitely get it. I was absolutely shocked when I was first diagnosed with PTSD and dissociative identity disorder.

We all know we’ve gone through trauma, but hearing a professional officially state it makes it far more real. And much more difficult to accept.

I’m a big believer that diagnoses are empowering. They validate our experiences, like the trauma we went through. They give us terms we can use to find communities of people with similar experiences.

There is no shame in having a PTSD diagnosis. It doesn’t define you—it only labels an experience you live with.

You are not obligated to accept it, of course. But, after hearing the 4 empowering reasons for accepting a PTSD diagnosis—I do believe you’ll change your mind.

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Busy day? Don’t miss these highlights!

How to resist, in a self-loving way, the people who tell you not to “hide behind a diagnosis.” [0:48]

The power in accepting the new normal that come with a PTSD diagnosis—and how to thrive with it. [1:53]

Any diagnosis can be shocking—especially one that clearly says, “You went through so much trauma that now you have a disorder.”

Despite the intensity of a PTSD diagnosis, it can be life-changing in a good way too!

It can finally give you the answers you’ve been seeking or it can show you ways to find people who relate to you and your experiences.

So, what is your biggest concern about being diagnosed? What is the most healing or empowering part of a diagnosis, too?

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! And I’d love it even more if you took a quick second to share this with someone else you know who has—or is about to be—diagnosed with PTSD. This may be the exact thing they need to hear right now.

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