Hi! I’m Arien. I get what it’s like to struggle after abuse. I’ve been there. Now I want to help you find peace, joy, and prosperity—because that’s what you deserve. Text over image of 20 year old white masculine individual with thick black glasses and short curly brown hair, with an undercut.

I’m best defined by my curiosity, optimism, and insatiable desire to help others.

I’m the type of person who, on a trip to the ER, will make the doctors laugh and smile even after I’ve been there for several hours. I’ll also sit down with a struggling friend or client and my own eyes will tear up with deep empathy as I help them through their stress.

I’ve faced the suffering you’ve faced. I’ve struggled the way you’ve struggled.

I have literally been in your shoes and I know what it’s like to hurt like you do every day. I also know what it’s like to heal that pain and create a life you love—and that’s what I’m here to guide you on.

Today, I’ll become your ally. To help you find the joy and peace you have always deserved.

(P.S. I identify as agender (no gender) and use he/him pronouns!)

I’m prospering now, even after 15 years of abuse. I know you can find this happiness too.

I believe in your strength, your courage, and your ability to survive anything life throws at you. At the same time, I know how hard surviving abuse is…especially handling the aftermath.

So, I want you to know that I’m with you every step of the way. You stumbled upon this page for a reason—and I believe it was for this message: You can make it.

So, what lead me to create Uncover Your Joy?

From early childhood, I was always a healer and teacher. I’d help my others near me process their difficult emotions, even when I myself was struggling with the abuse I was facing. I’d share advice freely and generously.

In college, I became a residential advisor. My role was to create community events and watch over and support 50 residents. It was a full time job on top of my collegiate studies, but I loved it.

I was helping people every single day—despite being fresh out of my own abusive situation.

My boss was an amazing woman who helped me find this path. We’d have biweekly conversations where deep topics—trauma, authenticity, self-love, and more—would come up. I’d walk away beaming and radiant, ready to heal anyone I could.

She told me to look into life coaching. I had absolutely no idea what that was and, honestly, when I looked into I was skeptical at first!

It seemed like you had to pay thousands of dollars to get a certification just to listen to people and ask some questions. It didn’t seem right to pay someone to allow me to help others. I was already doing that, from my heart.

But, with a deep trust that the Universe was guiding me, I did choose to explore life coaching. Because when I mentored others, I glowed.

So I started blogging, talking with people, and exploring what life coaching meant to me.

It wasn’t getting some certificate. It was drawing upon my experience healing from horrific trauma and still being able to uncover love and joy from it. I spoke from my heart and deepest desire to heal. I went deeper with my clients than I’d ever gone in therapy.

This led me to today—where I’ve reached over 50,000 people and had clients across the globe. It’s been an honor to serve so many people.

I can’t wait to help you too. <3

How I thrived after abuse: The Prosperity Path
Blue, orange, and pink vertical graphic listing the six prosperity path stages (acceptance, empowerment, dream, uncover obstacles, strategize, implement)

Over the past 3 years, I’ve spoken with hundreds of survivors and discovered six critical stages that will allow you to thrive after abuse.

I talk about them in depth here (where you can also take a quiz to find out where you’re at). But, in quick summary, here are the six stages:

#1 Acceptance: Freeing up energy to thrive by no longer wasting it on resisting a past you can’t change

#2 Empowerment: Reclaiming your ability to make self-loving decisions about your life

#3 Dream: Design a clear vision of your ideal life to take the confusion out of daily decisions

#4 Uncover obstacles: Unearth the things holding you back, like limiting beliefs and more

#5 Strategize: Create empowered solutions and plans on how you can overcome those obstacles

#6 Implement: Put all this together and do the work you need to resolve those obstacles. You’ll thrive more and more every time you heal them

Finding peace, joy, and prosperity after abuse is truly as simple as this.

Once you know how to journey along this path, you can use it for any major challenge in life—even those that aren’t traumatic.

These six steps are what allowed me to be here today—living in a beautiful apartment with the woman I want to marry, running a business I treasure, and feeling like life is truly worth living.

Now it’s your turn to unearth a life you love. Start here with the Prosperity Path quiz!

I am certain you will find peace, joy, and prosperity

Pick your path towards a life you love

I’m dedicated to helping everyone who visits this website, no matter what your budget is. So, check out these resources—ranging from free to more elevated offerings.

You don’t need to heal from abuse alone. Join an empowered community of survivors who will walk the 6-stage Prosperity Path with you. This membership will give you access to:

🌟A 6 week eCourse teaching you the 6-step path to prospering after abuse

🌟A private community filled with other survivors walking the same path as you

🌟Dedicated mentorship time every month with me, including live Q&A calls, masterclasses, workbooks, challenges, and more.

🌟Opportunities for free one-on-one coaching time and other bonuses

There are special early bird options, starting at $29/month, too.

Learn more here!



I create free content to help you heal from abuse every single week. It’s filled with compassion, honesty, and actionable exercises. No matter what pain is in your past, I’m certain you’ll find something empowering here.

With more than 100 posts that have reached people in over 190 countries, this community of survivors is constantly growing. We can’t wait to have you join us—whether you only read, privately journal, or leave a comment on your favorite blogs.

Check it out here!



Have you felt stuck for years? Constantly fighting against a current that seems to be trying to drown you under the pain of your past?

This one-on-one coaching is the best resource for you. I’ll personally help you journey The Prosperity Path.

To date, every client I’ve worked with has walked away from even their free 30-minute session with a major breakthrough. Imagine what 6…12…18 hours of sessions could help you through! You’ll finally find the freedom you deserve.

Learn more about this here!


You can expect compassionate honesty, authenticity, and encouragement from every aspect of Uncover Your Joy. So, I want to be clear, this is a business a run.

I do make a living by helping you and other survivors—and I feel truly blessed that I’m able to support myself doing such meaningful work.

My intention has always been to provide a range of offerings, including those for lower budgets. This spurred The Prosperity Path membership and, of course, my always-free blog. I have an active twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, where inspirational posts are regularly shared too.

I always plan on keeping at least 90% of my content free. And, when I do charge for something, I pour everything I’ve got into it.

My mission is to help you live your most joyous and peaceful life. I’ve been able to thrive, much as a result of this company, and I am here to help you thrive too.

To keep my promise of honesty, I want to be clear about something: Thriving after abuse doesn’t mean having the perfect life. It’s not all easy or stress free.

I still have my bad days. PTSD and dissociative identity disorder are still major parts of my life (I even have a service dog to help!). My own road through those six stages hasn’t always been smooth.

But, I’ve learned a ton on my journey and I want to share that knowledge with you, to make your own path easier.

Thriving after abuse means you’ll believe you can get through any struggle. You’ll have unwavering support from within and outside of yourself. And you’ll be actively striding towards your greatest dreams.

I believe in you and, like I said in the beginning, I’m your ally from now on. I’ve got your back wherever you most need me—whether that’s my blogs, membership, or one-on-one coaching.

The best way to stay in touch with me is by joining my email community here. I do have a life off the internet (meaning I’m not always on social media) so the best way to hear from me is through these weekly emails. 💗

It’s an honor to be a part of your life—whether for only today or for years to come. You’re an amazing person and I’m so lucky to share this world with you.

With love,


P.S. This song captures exactly how I feel helping you and everyone else here in the Uncover Your Joy community. Take a second and listen. 💗

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