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About Calion

Each day, I wake with hurt in my heart and gratitude for my freedom. It’s a beautiful, evocative mix of feelings—and that inspired my blog here. I used to offer other resources too, but now this website is hosts my blog archive.

My Story

I grew up in a “safe” city, one with beautiful parks, a nice downtown area, and lots of well-off families. As a child, my future was set for me. Caring parents, a good educational system, a nice home and plenty of resources and privilege. 

Then I was sex trafficked by a neighbor. I was bought and sold and no one knew about it. I was alone, fighting for my life some nights before returning to school, feigning a normal child’s life, the following morning. 

After years of this, I broke free. I made it through high school (struggling with self harm and suicidal ideation along the way) and got to college. I went to study illustration—turning the art that brought me peace in my pain into something I could make a living from. At this time, I had completely repressed the memories of being trafficked—I thought I was a normal teenager who just happened to struggle with my mental health from time to time. 

Then it all came flooding back. I shared my confusion and pain with my best friend…and she assaulted me. Right then and there, in my most vulnerable moment. Her abuse lasted 13 months, throwing me through several near death experiences and attempts on my life.

Once I was able to move away from the apartment I shared with her, I left college. I walked away from the traumatic places and people of my past and tried, struggled, to start anew.

But what kept me going was my pursuit of joy. I’d felt glimmers of it, even during my trauma. A little warm sun on my face in the winter. The smell of a flower when walking home, body aching from earlier violence. It was the little things, unexpected moments of peace, that let me know there was something beyond pain.

So I dedicated myself to learning how to cultivate more of that. I trusted my intuition (something super strong since I was a very young child). I trusted in the Source. I explored science and psychology. And I found my way.

Today, I’m a curious and optimistic person. My heart still holds the pain of my past, I think it always will, but I also feel a deep gratitude for my freedom. I was lucky. Most sex trafficking survivors die early—but I was able to live. Despite the odds, I’m here. 

And, along the way, I’ve learned so much about peace and joy after abuse. That’s why I started this website—to help others in pain discover that there is more than that hurt. Joy can balance it out. It can make life worth living. It can guide you towards enjoying life and love.

I’m the type of person who, on a trip to the ER, will make the doctors laugh and smile even after I’ve been there for several hours. I’ll also sit down with a struggling friend or client and my own eyes will tear up as we face the pain they hold together. I’m curious about emotion, the enjoyable and the difficult, and I’m constantly exploring the idea of joy.

I’m hopeful you’ll join me on this journey of cultivating joy, like by following me on Instagram or YouTube, too.

No matter what—keep searching for your own joy. It’s in your heart, you’ve just got to find ways to uncover it.

With bunches of love,


Certifications, Trainings, & Memberships:

SMART Recovery Facilitator

Survivor Alliance Member

What others have said about me

"With a little help from Calion I’ve become more of the person I want to be and accepted myself for who I am. I’m so happy and grateful to have this experience with Calion and I feel that it has been essential to my growth."

– Kai Ramey, 2016

"I fully trust Calion and his abilities to help. I don't believe I have ever felt more comfortable addressing my issues and problems with anybody before, or more confident that someone will understand and actually be able to help me in my healing process. He makes you feel truly understood, human, nurtured, safe, and capable. Almost like a guardian angel in human form."

– Miriam Estrada, 2016

"Calion has the ability to pull out deep things hidden within you to the surface, but he does so in a very gentle manner, very slowly and taking his time. You can see that he has a passion for helping people, which I find very beautiful. He truly wants you to be the best and healthiest version of yourself."

– Kyo Pierre-Francois, 2018

"I have found Calion's Prosperity Path Program to be filled with information and also filled with hope and a real sense of the joy that can be achieved by working with the tecniques. It is a wonderful addition to the healing community!"

– Lise Hull, 2020