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The 8 Growth Mindsets You Need to Thrive After Abuse

“Switch to a growth mindset.” That’s a popular thing you hear in the personal development field, isn’t it?

At it’s core, the concept is beautiful. It challenges us to keep improving ourselves and our lives, in turn transforming the world around us.

But for us survivors of abuse, it’s a more nuanced idea. Most “growth mindsets” are about no longer feeling emotional pain, or deciding to feel abundant and in love with life.

And that’s super invalidating.

These things are basically impossible after trauma. You can’t just switch gears and erase all past pain. You can’t adore your life overnight, especially when each day is still filled with the struggle of healing.

It’s valid to have these difficulties, but this doesn’t erase your potential to adopt a growth mindset.

You just have to focus in the right direction. On perspectives that really will help you, without neglecting the impact trauma had.

Right below in the episode are eight of the most powerful ones. These will truly help you thrive—so go ahead and click play!

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Don’t miss these highlights!

How to empower your healing journey without blaming yourself for what happened [0:54]

A growth mindset to transform your view on anxiety [1:49]

How to see your potential to create a better future, rather than just dwelling on the past [3:02]

Post-traumatic growth is an amazing thing you can experience, and it all starts out when you choose to take on growth mindsets. Specifically, the ones that apply after abuse—not just any that’s toted around in the personal development field.

So, which mindset from this episode resonated the most with you? How are you going to start implementing it in your life today?

Go ahead and leave a comment below! I’d absolutely love to hear from you, and I promise it will empower you too.

After this, please share this with someone you know it will help. I’d appreciate it and I bet they’d love getting a link to this!

You’re a powerful person, totally capable of living a full and joy-filled life. It’s going to take some work, but you have the strength to get there. All you have to do is start shifting into these new growth mindsets. That’s the start to loving life.

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