The Best 6 Natural Remedies for Depression, by Someone Living It

The Best 6 Natural Remedies for Depression, by Someone Living It

Medication can save our lives when we have a mental illness. Therapy can work wonders. But sometimes, we need natural remedies for depression too.

I’m a huge supporter of psychiatric medication. Just two weeks ago, my doctor was delayed (quite significantly) in refilling one of my scripts. And my gosh did I feel it! Panic attacks went from once every 3-4 days, to almost four times a day.

Medicine can transform our lives, but it doesn’t heal us. It treats our symptoms, it brings us to a stable baseline, and it can help us find the energy to do the real work. But what is that real work?

Healing comes in many shapes and forms, but often it’s lifestyle changes that make the biggest impact. Things you can sustain each and every day that reduce depression and increase your mood.

In this video, I’ll cover my 6 favorite natural remedies for depression. Things that have literally (I’m not exaggerating) saved my life.

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Here’s where you can find the 6 natural remedies for depression:

At 1:11, you’ll see why 10 simple minutes in the sun (or clouds or rain) will literally transform your mood.

When you hit 1:56 in the video, you’ll discover the importance of purpose. And how this alone can keep you going, even when life feels so so hard.

2:28 will help you see how important cuddles, curling up under a blanket, petting a dog, and any other sort of comfortable self-nurturing is.

At 2:56 you’ll see exactly why rest is such an important part of recovery. And how-even if you have a tendency to oversleep, rest can be a healthy and healing part of your life.

Later on, at 3:32-I’ll share one of my top long-term remedies. It’s a tasty one too!

At 4:31, we come to the final technique! How to implement a passion project, even when you barely have any energy. Passion will lift you up like nothing else.

Maybe your body’s biology rejects medication. Or maybe it just isn’t enough to help you feel truly good each day. That’s why I’m so glad you took the time to watch this video! These 6 natural remedies for depression can truly take your happiness to a new level.

Which technique are you going to try right now? And, what exactly will you be doing?

I’d love to hear from you, plus you’ll be giving yourself beautiful accountability. So, don’t forget to drop your comment below!

And, before you go, please share this blog with a fellow survivor. I’ve yet to meet one who doesn’t struggle with depression-so you never know who’s life you may change.

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