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The 5 Steps to Self Love You Need to Be Doing

Pretty much everyone talks about loving yourself…but how often do you hear actual steps to self love? Well, here you go! This video is all about reclaiming true, life-long self love after abuse. It’s NOT toxic positivity or spiritual bypassing. It’s real stuff that works…and it’s not even that hard.

In the video, I’ll show you how to conquer self-hatred, handle difficult emotions, and validate yourself. These 5 steps to self love are based on techniques that build upon each other, creating the foundation you need for affirmations and limiting belief work to be effective. Jump in and start that healing journey, lovely!

Here’s a quick peek into the 5 steps to self love:

  1. Accept and honor your hatred. It didn’t form to hurt you, it’s just a little misguided now. Before anything, try pulling that self-hatred into your heart. The video explains how to do this!
  2. Take a neutral stance. Shift from judging statements to facts. Like instead of “I hate my eyes,” say “I have eyes.”
  3. Validate emotions. This is where you’ll start to get to know the messages behind all emotions. None of them mean harm and this step is all about recognizing each emotion shows up and tries to help, even if it heads a little off course.
  4. Work with yourself (and self-hatred). This might sound strange, but teaming up with your inner critic is quite important! Watch the video to learn how to begin this process.
  5. Adopt self love practices. This is where affirmations and more come into play. They’re likely to actually make a positive impact now, instead of just bouncing right off!

So what are your thoughts on these 5 steps to self love? Healing is best done as a community, and comments are a great way to lift each other up and find the support we each need, too.

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January 8, 2021