3 Fantastic techniques to improve your mental health

3 Fantastic Techniques to Improve Your Mental Health

You are not taking a step back in your recovery when PTSD comes back. When memories of abuse resurface. Truthfully, you can always improve your mental health even in the midst of the tough emotions of trauma recovery.

The work you have been doing is still in play, even when it feels like you fell backwards. You’re always moving forwards—a part of moving forwards is letting your past come up so it can be healed. The emotions need to resurface in order for you to make peace with them.

Of course, it feels like you’re going backwards because trauma hurts. You don’t want to remember what you went through.

You want to be over it. Completely healed. Never remembering the abuse you faced.

I get it. Abuse hurts and so can the recovery. We didn’t want to face it and we didn’t have a choice—there was no way we could have avoided the trauma. And, now we’re stuck with the difficult healing process.

Despite this, you can continue to personally grow and improve your mental health even with trauma resurfacing. Resurfacing trauma can be a hard road to walk down, you aren’t sure if you’ll get through this bout of remeberance because it feels so strong and real. In partnership with therapy there are other alternatives that can be used to help with the painful memories and the struggles that come along with it. There are just three things you need to do, right when memories of abuse come bubbling back up.

The best way to heal is through acceptance. Check this out! Rejecting Tough Emotions? Empower Yourself with Radical Acceptance

Here’s to consistent, unstoppable healing. The kind that I know you can have in your life. It might feel like you cannot improve your mental health especially when trauma resurfaces—but I know you can.

This video talked about the three key things you need in order to keep healing even during the super difficult times: self acceptance, self care, and broadening your perspective. (Check out the links!)

Which one do you know you need to focus on right now? What is one thing you can do to start making this a priority in your life? I’d love to hear what you have to say, so feel free to leave a comment below!

Also, do you know a survivor going through a tough time right now? Who feels like all the hard work they’ve been doing has been for nothing? If you could share this video with them, it would be absolutely wonderful.

Always remember that the hard work you’ve been doing really has improved your mental health. Even when trauma resurfaces. Right now, it’s keeping you alive and someday you will be thriving—finding real and sustainable joy, even with abuse in your past.

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