Pulling Through a Depression Relapse

It is terrifying when our mental illnesses come back, completely out of the blue. We feel like we’re in the clear and then all the sudden we’re struck with a depression relapse or some other resurgence of symptoms. To add to the intensity, it always seems to feel worse than it did in the past.

Our mental illnesses naturally come and go. It’s part of the healing process and—as we all know quite well—recovery is not linear. We’ll have good days and bad days, great months and tough seasons.

In the midst of a depression relapse, though, we can often forget that it’s not going to last forever. We can feel eternally trapped, questioning our ability to survive this resurgence of symptoms.

This depression relapse will not last forever. It will pass and you will be okay.

All of this is normal. I’ve experienced it. People who have been in recovery for decades have experienced it. I bet even your friends and peers have experienced it. Remembering that you are not alone in this common situation may be the reminder you need to get through this. But, in case you need more than this, I created this video for you.

There are two key things I’ve learned along my journey that can help you pull through a depression relapse. Through any mental illness, really.

The first one is to find a sense of safety during this trying time through self-trust. The other is to practice self-forgiveness. There is no need to blame yourself for your symptoms coming back. It is not your fault and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

When you combine self-trust and self-forgiveness together, you create a bundle of hope and resilience around yourself. This alone can carry you through even the hardest of times. 

I believe you can get through this. You can survive this depression relapse and any other time your mental illness comes bubbling back up. Give this episode a watch so that you, too, can believe in your ability to pull through.

Self-trust and self-forgiveness together create a bundle of hope and resilience around us.

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This is a difficult time, but I want you to know you can get through this. You are powerful, capable, and so incredibly resilient. It is my hope that this episode has shown you your own strength.

I’ve opened up the comments on this blog, so we can all find some healing and solidarity together.

What is the scariest part of your symptoms coming back?

And, if you’re feeling up to sharing, what is one thing you want to tell all the other people who are experiencing a relapse of symptoms?

Your heart is still beating and you are still going strong. It sings with everyone else’s who has gone, and is going, through this right now. To spread this joy and strength, please don’t hesitate to share this blog too. We all deserve to hear this uplifting reminder.

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  • Suzie
    September 19, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    I think, for me, the third episode of depression was the worst because it was the one that made me realise I would be living with this illness for the rest of my life.

    I have, slowly, accepted that there are certain symptoms that mean I need to start paying attention. I become distracted and unable to focus before I get unmotivated, and I can if I ramp up my self-care routines sometimes stop an episode from taking hold.

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