How to make friends that really love you

How to Make Friends that Really Love You

Feel like it’s impossible to make friends that treat you well? Partners that respect you as a person? Maybe you find yourself always in relationships that end up turning out poorly. How to make friends that truly love us can feel elusive when we have a mental illness. It’s possible, though, and sometimes our loneliness is the gateway to these loving friendships. I used to think loneliness was a sign I was doing something wrong. That...

7 Strategies to Become a Good Listener

Misunderstandings are stressful. Feeling like a less-than-great friend is no fun either. If you struggle with either of these, this episode will help empower you to overcome them. Fixing this is all possible when you learn to be a good listener. We’ll often hear we have to empathize and conceal our own problems in order to be a good friend. For those of us living with mental illness, this can be a challenge. Whether you’re having...


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