Conquer guilt and shame after abuse

Conquer Guilt and Shame After Abuse

Have you ever been hanging out with friends and your mind says, “why do they even want to spend time with me?” Or doubted that you’re worthy of love? This is all due to guilt and shame, the kind that hurts and harms us survivors nearly every day. How do you overcome guilt and shame? How do you see yourself in a loving light? First, you have to understand what they are. Guilt and shame are...

The most empowering quote for survivors of abuse

The Most Empowering Quote for Survivors of Abuse

Your trauma impacted you, but it does not shape your entire life. You can still live your dreams—even if it feels like it seriously damaged you. You are stronger than ever. This empowering quote from Maya Angelou proves that. “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can choose not to be reduced by them.” We didn’t control our abusers. They hurt us and we couldn’t stop them. We felt powerless—we possibly...

How to stop feeling overwhelmed and alone

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Alone

Everything horrible seems to come up all at once. Your past flashes before you and unbearable emotional pain washes over you. You’re stuck feeling overwhelmed and totally alone in your pain. It’s my guess that every survivor of abuse faces this. Trauma hits like a ton of bricks, knocking you down and causing a surge of anguish to rise. It feels, in that moment, like you’re the only person on the planet experiencing so much pain....


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