Personal development isn't a race

Personal Development Isn’t a Race

Imagine you’re going along at a great pace, jogging and confident in your every stride. Then zoom, a friend flies past you, seemingly sprinting the marathon you’re running! If you’re anything like me, you might think “hey, wait! Why can’t I run that fast?” I’m not a marathon runner, but I’ve faced this same feeling up close and personal with my own personal development. And I doubt I’m alone in feeling this way. So many of...

Ableism in self improvement culture. Text on faded image of leaves on a tree.

Ableism in Self Improvement Culture

Have you ever been given advice by a well-meaning friend, only to think “that so doesn’t apply to me”? It might have even felt unhelpful. Coincidentally, some parts of the self improvement field act in much the same way. Sometimes leaders forget just how hard life can be. They act like we can just snap our fingers, think positively, and feel way better. If only! Many thought leaders mean well, especially when they’re trying to...

3 self help ideas making us feel not good enough

3 Self Help Ideas Making Us Feel Not Good Enough

You are so dedicated to your healing, so willing to do the work to recover, and yet there might be a little voice that keeps asking “am I doing enough?” Self help ideas sometimes shame us into thinking we’re not. Despite the transformative offerings in these fields, those of us with mental illnesses and disabilities are left behind. Where are the personal development leaders that live with our conditions? Where are those that understand us? They’re...


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